Another silly quote just fell out of my brain

“There’s no news in truth and no truth in news.”

The truth is largely mundane, boring, doesn’t sell, or is contrary to specific agendas or popular opinion. Therefore, “The News,” which is still largely product, is the last place to expect it.

(Edit: the blogger who commented below, cognifeeder, pointed out that this kind of quote is something called a “chiasma.” I found an EXCELLENT page about it here:
ya learn something new every day, I tells ya. Thanks cognifeeder!)

Another stupid quote from my stupid brain

“We can’t please everyone, and in trying, we please no-one.”

A great example of this right off the top of my head is Rush Limbaugh, who is a legendary conservative talk show host. If he tried to “please everyone,” by making his show palatable to a liberal audience, not only would he lose some conservative listeners, but also, his liberal content would be too milquetoast to realistically engage a liberal audience (because he would be trying to please the conservative listeners).

Again, I ain’t pompous enough to think I’m the first human to come up with this little gem, and I’m far too lazy to go out and find out I ain’t. Anyway, there it is, original or not, and I think it’s a fine quote. (Therefore, it was prolly already invented far before I was even born.)