Another silly quote just fell out of my brain

“There’s no news in truth and no truth in news.”

The truth is largely mundane, boring, doesn’t sell, or is contrary to specific agendas or popular opinion. Therefore, “The News,” which is still largely product, is the last place to expect it.

(Edit: the blogger who commented below, cognifeeder, pointed out that this kind of quote is something called a “chiasma.” I found an EXCELLENT page about it here:
ya learn something new every day, I tells ya. Thanks cognifeeder!)

The Plecebo Effect

I find myself thinking about the placebo effect often.

As my mind tiptoes through the minefield of unorthodox thoughts brought forth from somewhere, deep within the dark recesses of my crippled brain, the placebo effect is one of those things that my mind returns to for contemplation. In my opinion, it’s an utterly fascinating phenomenon.

What the placebo effect does is absurdly simple. If the mind believes that a health-related treatment will work, there is a universal chance that it will work. Pretty simple, right? The baffling, spooky science lies in how the mechanism works.

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We Are Not Disposable

As one of my thought exercises, I wonder what would happen if we diverted all funding away from the military into world-wide philanthropic endeavors instead. What would the world look like? Would our enemies destroy us? Or, would they help us in our cause to help others?

Since most wars can be boiled down to resource grabs, would there even be a need for it if we all worked together to provide everyone with clean drinking water, food and shelter?

What if we take a radically new look at things? I don’t think this approach is a waste of time, considering how broken everything is, everywhere anyway.

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Unintended Consequences & Perverse Results

Begun, the porn wars have

I’m in the mood to babble like an idiot, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Since I don’t want to contaminate anyone’s brain with my stupidity, it’s only polite that I forewarn any reader up front that this post will just be a bunch of silly diatribe containing my thoughts and opinions about Santorum’s war on pornography.

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