Where My Interest In Health Comes From

I’ve been thinking lately that I must come off as a pretty odd duck. I draw goofy pictures, play awful music and write terrible poetry…so what’s the deal with peppering my artsy-fartsy blog with the occasional health-related rambling? Seems pretty inconsistent if you ask me, but there is good reason for it, which I will share in this post for the whole zero of you interested. Kinda in the mood to write right now anyway, so it’s a good excuse to write about something.

This will be a long one, and I REALLY get to rambling in this one, so I’m putting in a link for those who might be interested in reading more…

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Another stupid quote from my stupid brain

“We can’t please everyone, and in trying, we please no-one.”

A great example of this right off the top of my head is Rush Limbaugh, who is a legendary conservative talk show host. If he tried to “please everyone,” by making his show palatable to a liberal audience, not only would he lose some conservative listeners, but also, his liberal content would be too milquetoast to realistically engage a liberal audience (because he would be trying to please the conservative listeners).

Again, I ain’t pompous enough to think I’m the first human to come up with this little gem, and I’m far too lazy to go out and find out I ain’t. Anyway, there it is, original or not, and I think it’s a fine quote. (Therefore, it was prolly already invented far before I was even born.)

Looks Like NBC Edited Zimmerman’s 911 Call

So I heard a few days ago that NBC had selectively edited Zimmerman’s call to 911 in order to make it seem more racially driven. I originally blew this off as conspiracy trash because I got it from a dubious source. Today, there is an article over at the Huffington Post about how NBC is launching an “internal investigation” into their editing process over that particular piece of audio in question.

So, I guess it really happened, or, happened insofar as my suspension of disbelief will allow, considering it came from news sources that are becoming less and less trustworthy…

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A (somewhat) political rant

I was reading a story over at Business Insider’s website about how mainstream media news outlets are experiencing a dramatic viewership exodus.

This leaves me with an uneasy feeling. It is true that I stopped taking mainstream news outlets seriously a long time ago, but when I recently saw CNN running a front-page story asking me whether or not Kim Kardashian’s ass was real or not was when I stopped consuming any mainstream news altogether…

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Racial tensions; Trayvon vs. Zimmerman

I guess it’s ’round that time for something stupid to fall out of my brain again.

And why not? What little noise I could make would just be drowned out by the collective cacophony in response to this whole racial fiasco that’s recently gripped the nation anyway. To be honest, I hadn’t been paying a whole lot of attention to it, due to recent events, but it seems I have no choice in the matter: it’s absolutely frickin’ everywhere, and inescapably twenty-four seven. And, what’s worse, is that every news source I’ve come in contact with seems hell-bent on telling me how I should be feeling about it.

What the hell is going on?

It doesn’t matter who started what for what racial reasons because NEITHER ONE OF THEM ARE THE AUTHORITATIVE REPRESENTATIVES OF THEIR RESPECTIVE RACES. If Zimmerman was at fault, he doesn’t represent all white people. If Martin was fault, he doesn’t represent all black people. It’s makes as much sense as calling all people who have mustaches serial killers.

It’s as if the entire nation just happened to magically be there — to witness first-hand the exact events that transpired on that fateful night. I say this, because without even knowing hardly any of the facts myself, half of the Internet is already telling me exactly what happened and exactly how I should be feeling. And as I switch off the news, before I barf, I see a nation, divided, and at each other’s throats.

Where did the information come from when this story first broke, and how was it delivered? It seems no one cares about that, or ever worse they don’t care about any new developments, because a lot of minds have clearly been made up already. Have we learned nothing over the past fifty years? Did Martin Luther King’s words really fall on that many deaf ears? I don’t think so.

I’m going to go full-blown tin-foil hat here, and say that I thoroughly believe that there is some form of deliberate conspiracy to stoke the fires of racism, and to keep them burning with the nourishment of hatred. For you see, if we’re all at each other’s throats, we’ll all be too busy and blinded by rage to see how we’re all clearly being screwed from above.

The only conceivable threat to those that are doing the “screwing,” is if each and every one of the “screwees” united together into an unstoppable force, under the common cause of putting an end to the screwing. Unity is the greatest threat to tyranny, thus, we will never, ever work together if we’re continuously being driven apart by divisive vitriol, and nowhere else will you see this vile agenda promulgated more than in what I laughingly call “the news.”

I really hate to say this, but there’s no gentle way to say that assholes come in all colors, and the sooner everyone realizes this and racism can be relegated to an historically queer lapse in judgement, the better off we’ll all be. Show me just one instance from history — JUST ONE — where a problem had been effectively solved with hatred.

It needs to stop before this nation tears itself apart.

There. That’s my stupid say on this whole stupid thing.

For a brief moment in time…

So I got up to do my morning thing, grabbed my coffee and started poking around the news as that’s how I usually kick-start my day.

Then I glanced outside the window in between news this and blog that, and saw that it was particularly beautiful out. I looked outside, then back to my computer screen, then back outside. I then said to myself, screw it, cobbled up my smokes, my sunglasses and my coffee and shuffled outside and sat down at our little outdoor table, with my hair still knotted with sleep and decked (HAR!) out in my sweats. I sat, and I was still, nary a thought in my head. And I looked around…

It was chilly, yet sunny. The branches of nearby trees listed and swayed gently in the breeze. The leaves were singing in a language all their own, and although I couldn’t decipher a word, it was no less beautiful. An unseen bird here and there would chirp and tweet back and forth saying who knows what. Maybe they were cracking jokes about the silly human. A delightfully invigorating, yet cool breeze hit my face and tussled my hair as I brought my morning coffee to my lips. I sat my coffee down, closed my eyes, took it in, and just let it blow around me. I tried to let it blow through me but I was too dense. (HAR!)

I was then reminded of something I had thought of years before, in my angsty youth, but had since been robbed from my memory due to the ever pressing matters of modern life. As I sat there, taking in the most trivial-of-trivial events, I realized that I had been un-alive for eternity. And in a blink of an eye, I would again, return to that same state of being un-alive, again, forever. In this brief moment in time, I came to realize that a time would come when I would no longer be here, in command of faculties, to perceive the breeze, the fragrance of our neighbor’s flowers, the sound of the leaves, the swaying of the trees and the fresh, fresh air filling my lungs, and the sound of a car, it’s undercarriage crunching, as its driver mistakenly lodged it upon a parking bumper.

They say you never realize what you’ve had until you’ve lost it. And for a brief moment in time, I had everything.

There will come a time when I will bargain, with futility, to give anything and everything for one last breath of fresh air. To hear one last brushing of the leaves. To partake, one last time, in the neighbor’s flowers. And, yes, even to hear one more time, the incredibly funny crunch of a beached car.

It seems, that in all our scrambling and fretting and worrying, we seem to so tragically forget just how transitive our time here on this Earth truly is. I shall then, endeavor, evermore, to savor all that I have, in each moment, now, instead of squandering the time I have on the things I have not, and regretting those things lost.

I shouldn’t need to be reminded of this.