Looks Like NBC Edited Zimmerman’s 911 Call

So I heard a few days ago that NBC had selectively edited Zimmerman’s call to 911 in order to make it seem more racially driven. I originally blew this off as conspiracy trash because I got it from a dubious source. Today, there is an article over at the Huffington Post about how NBC is launching an “internal investigation” into their editing process over that particular piece of audio in question.

So, I guess it really happened, or, happened insofar as my suspension of disbelief will allow, considering it came from news sources that are becoming less and less trustworthy…

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A (somewhat) political rant

I was reading a story over at Business Insider’s website about how mainstream media news outlets are experiencing a dramatic viewership exodus.

This leaves me with an uneasy feeling. It is true that I stopped taking mainstream news outlets seriously a long time ago, but when I recently saw CNN running a front-page story asking me whether or not Kim Kardashian’s ass was real or not was when I stopped consuming any mainstream news altogether…

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