Unintended Consequences & Perverse Results

Begun, the porn wars have

I’m in the mood to babble like an idiot, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Since I don’t want to contaminate anyone’s brain with my stupidity, it’s only polite that I forewarn any reader up front that this post will just be a bunch of silly diatribe containing my thoughts and opinions about Santorum’s war on pornography.

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George Carlin was right.

George Carlin (may the Great Electron preserve his atomic structure), was right.

He wasn’t supposed to be right. He was supposed to be a comedic entertainer.

But he was right. While many folks like to illustrate parallels between the modern era and George Orwell’s dystopian future, maybe it was Aldous Huxley whom we should’ve been worrying about all along, considering how true Carlin’s recent observation seems to be panning out: our silence and complacency has been bought with toys and games.

I’m no history professor. But it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in history to know that America’s supposed to be the shining example of freedom, liberty and the rule of law to the rest of the world. We’re supposed to show that world that a constitutional republic can work, and just how awesome it is when freedom reigns sans prejudice; whence all men are created equal, to practice their beliefs — whatever they may be, and pursue their own happiness.

We’re supposed to be the good guys here, held up by pretty lofty standards, is what I’m saying.

Having said that, how then, can it make any logical sense, that we must, then, destroy our freedoms and liberties in order to protect our freedoms and liberties from being destroyed? Once all threats to our way of life have been neutralized, by any means necessary (I’m looking at you, NDAA), what, then will be left to protect?

This isn’t just hyperbole or rhetoric. I really, like, want an answer to this.

Consider the following, and then consider how you would feel if…

  1. A fireman told you that your house must first burn down in order to keep it safe from burning down in the first place
  2. A policeman told you that in order to keep from getting robbed, you simply have to get incrementally robbed first
  3. A banker tells you that in order to save your money, you must first spend it until it is gone
  4. A mechanic tells you that if you don’t want your car to run out of gas, you just have to run out of gas a little bit at a time until you’re out of gas
  5. A steward of your rights tells you that in order to preserve your rights, you must first relinquish them

I don’t care how crude, crass or simplistic these are to the Ivy League trained pedant. The working, voting public does not have the luxury to laze about like ancient Greeks and navel-gaze about the minutiae found in books heavier than lead bricks. So, with the exception to #5, I imagine that these examples would be tolerated by, um, well, exactly zero people. No standing citizen of these Unites States of America would tolerate the systematic and deliberate erosion of the very pillars to what makes America, America.

Unless, of course, Carlin was right.

For the only alternative I can see in my feeble, uneducated, small mind, apart from the Carlin hypothesis, is the deliberate nomination of ineffective candidates to deter a voting public from participating in the democratic process. After all, I have heard it said that if voting mattered, it wouldn’t be allowed. I’m really beginning to wonder.

I fear that our descendants will look back upon our era and regard George Carlin and Mike Judge as prophets, not jokers.

I have an opinion about the Rush Limbaugh outrage

And since this is my blog, I get to express it. Neener. Neener.

Apparently, Rush said something incredibly stupid (the hell you say!) and had to apologize for it. Oh, the poor man. Someone give him a hug and light him a cigar with lit money.

The world came unglued because a pompous, arrogant, bigot said something one would expect from a pompous, arrogant, bigot. That’s like firing Don Imus for cracking an offensive joke. Oh, wait.

Voltaire said something along the lines of affording others the right to think and say as they please, no matter how stupid. It’s the misquote of that whole “I don’t agree with what you’re saying, but I’ll defend your right to say it” thing. I’ll afford Rush every right to speak his mind, so long as I can exercise the most powerful right of all: the right to change the channel.

If people don’t like what he says, and don’t like his message, why then do they continuously listen to him, or worse lend gravity to his nonsense BY PAYING ATTENTION TO IT? Do people just need to get angry at things? Isn’t there enough anger in the world without having to deliberately seek it out???

If you don’t like something, the best thing you can do is ignore it. And, if you’re lucky, maybe it’ll go away.

The poor little pooh-bears

I’m in a terrible mood. So, here’s a scathing poem I call “The poor little pooh-bears” to match my funk. Enjoy.


The poor little pooh-bears
Because the world has lost its mind
I find myself now passing time
by thinking and stinking up rhyming opinions
to make better sense of some maddening decisions

The world as I see it has largely gone mad
and nary an antidote is to be had
unless you consider the trash they administer
something’s amiss, perhaps even sinister

Our food comes from labs now instead of from farms
but this is ok, let it raise no alarms
profits come first now, of this you must see,
no care must be given to you or to me

we must think of the downtrodden, poor CEOs,
the poor things and their rings and their portfolios
all that lounging and golfing and laying about
we should all come together and help these guys out

I will bow and I’ll grovel and scrape to appease
and plead to eat more of their corporate feces
by golly, gee whiz, why this isn’t so bad
why, I hardly remember why I’d gotten so mad

we should send all our money to them all at once
that way they won’t have to work quite so much
reaching into our pockets pretending they care
come on everybody, we must make this fair!