Political Cartoon Attempt #06

FDA Plus GMO political caroon

what:nib pen & brush when:Apr 10, 2012

Yet another crack at my idea of a political cartoon. I’m not sure if I should give up entirely or keep on cranking these out. It just feels like…my drawing cannot get any better…I don’t know. It’s weird. Maybe I’ll think about my epiphany about attitude some more. Half of me wants to give up, but the other half is fighting for continuing on. I know that really good cartoonists should inspire me, but I can’t help but feel discouraged when I see the works of the masters.

Random Scribblings (006)

Random Scribblings (006)

what:prismacolor graphite HB when:Apr 8, 2012

I picked up a People magazine the other day so I could start drawing random things from it. This sketch is the first thing I drew from it. Puttered around on it for a few days. Whether it sucks or not, up it goes. I’m having a problem with the scanner picking up my sloppy smudges…I need to figure out a way to keep my drawings cleaner, as I’d hate to go back in and clean them up digitally. Each caricature is totally unrecognizable, but I was shooting more for an overall practice session. I tried to pull my own visual gag as well by giving the guy in the back a banana. The idea came to me because they’re all wearing “monkey-suits.”