Looks Like NBC Edited Zimmerman’s 911 Call

So I heard a few days ago that NBC had selectively edited Zimmerman’s call to 911 in order to make it seem more racially driven. I originally blew this off as conspiracy trash because I got it from a dubious source. Today, there is an article over at the Huffington Post about how NBC is launching an “internal investigation” into their editing process over that particular piece of audio in question.

So, I guess it really happened, or, happened insofar as my suspension of disbelief will allow, considering it came from news sources that are becoming less and less trustworthy…

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Thanks, Mike

Mike Hugh (AKA Wasaabi)

Mike Hugh (AKA: wasaabi), my best friend

I have someone I need to thank, and that person is Mike Hugh, also known as wasaabi. He’s my best friend, and also my workmate, which means Hugh’s passing had no less effect on him than it did me. Mike came down and stayed with me for a week upon hearing the news. His presence here helped me through one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to face in my entire life, and I cannot thank him enough.

He stepped up to the plate, where I could not, and took care of a lot of things I was too incapacitated to do myself. This guy has covered my ass so much the past few months that I have no idea how I could ever repay him. During my back surgery and my recovery, it was him who stepped up and covered for me at work.

Few things exist on this earth that I am as grateful to have in my life as Mike. Nearly everything I have in my life – including my career – is a direct result of his influence, for, I seriously doubt I would have ever become a software engineer if it weren’t for that chance encounter in meeting him back in 1994.

I do not take you for granted, I recognize and appreciate everything you have done for me, and I wanted to say thanks.

Racial tensions; Trayvon vs. Zimmerman

I guess it’s ’round that time for something stupid to fall out of my brain again.

And why not? What little noise I could make would just be drowned out by the collective cacophony in response to this whole racial fiasco that’s recently gripped the nation anyway. To be honest, I hadn’t been paying a whole lot of attention to it, due to recent events, but it seems I have no choice in the matter: it’s absolutely frickin’ everywhere, and inescapably twenty-four seven. And, what’s worse, is that every news source I’ve come in contact with seems hell-bent on telling me how I should be feeling about it.

What the hell is going on?

It doesn’t matter who started what for what racial reasons because NEITHER ONE OF THEM ARE THE AUTHORITATIVE REPRESENTATIVES OF THEIR RESPECTIVE RACES. If Zimmerman was at fault, he doesn’t represent all white people. If Martin was fault, he doesn’t represent all black people. It’s makes as much sense as calling all people who have mustaches serial killers.

It’s as if the entire nation just happened to magically be there — to witness first-hand the exact events that transpired on that fateful night. I say this, because without even knowing hardly any of the facts myself, half of the Internet is already telling me exactly what happened and exactly how I should be feeling. And as I switch off the news, before I barf, I see a nation, divided, and at each other’s throats.

Where did the information come from when this story first broke, and how was it delivered? It seems no one cares about that, or ever worse they don’t care about any new developments, because a lot of minds have clearly been made up already. Have we learned nothing over the past fifty years? Did Martin Luther King’s words really fall on that many deaf ears? I don’t think so.

I’m going to go full-blown tin-foil hat here, and say that I thoroughly believe that there is some form of deliberate conspiracy to stoke the fires of racism, and to keep them burning with the nourishment of hatred. For you see, if we’re all at each other’s throats, we’ll all be too busy and blinded by rage to see how we’re all clearly being screwed from above.

The only conceivable threat to those that are doing the “screwing,” is if each and every one of the “screwees” united together into an unstoppable force, under the common cause of putting an end to the screwing. Unity is the greatest threat to tyranny, thus, we will never, ever work together if we’re continuously being driven apart by divisive vitriol, and nowhere else will you see this vile agenda promulgated more than in what I laughingly call “the news.”

I really hate to say this, but there’s no gentle way to say that assholes come in all colors, and the sooner everyone realizes this and racism can be relegated to an historically queer lapse in judgement, the better off we’ll all be. Show me just one instance from history — JUST ONE — where a problem had been effectively solved with hatred.

It needs to stop before this nation tears itself apart.

There. That’s my stupid say on this whole stupid thing.

Evidence that we could be living inside “The Matrix”

Warning: nerd stuff ahead…

8 minute audio on youtube of the theoretical physicist discussing his discovery. This video, is of course, someone else’s work. I try to keep my blog “my crap only” as possible, but this was just too weird to pass up.

I’ll try distill what he’s saying as best I can. He’s saying that there’s evidence that within the fundamental fabric of reality dictated by superstring theory, there exists a subtle, yet deliberate form of computer-like error-checking. What he’s describing is the backbone to TCP/IP; Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. The protocol that allows our computers to connect via the world-wide-web and talk to each other.

Back before there was a world-wide-web, there was a network that ran on connection-less UDP. UDP simply broadcast data packets to any computer that might be listening, similarly to how television broadcasting worked over airwaves. Within the first packet-switching networks out of DARPA in the late 60’s, they implemented a computer networking protocol that was more like a handshake.

Instead of blasting out data to anyone who might be listening, TCP ensured a connected state: computer A would connect to computer B, and computer B would ACKNOWLEDGE the connection, and send a message back to computer A saying “Okie-dokie, I am now prepared to receive information from you now.” The actual data you wanted to send was only a piece of the whole envelope being sent. There was all sorts of data included in your actual message, like how many bytes was in this packet, which packet is this one in the series of the message, and lots and lots of error checking bits and checksums and the like. Very similar to things like how big is the envelope, how many stamps does it have, which mailman picked it up, and which post office is it going to.

What this theoretical physicist is saying, is that the equations found in superstring theory are showing evidence that the very binary “checksums” found in our modern computer network error-checking are also found in the superstring equations of reality.

Discarding, or accepting and interpreting what this implies is an exercise I leave to the reader.

Unintended Consequences & Perverse Results

Begun, the porn wars have

I’m in the mood to babble like an idiot, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Since I don’t want to contaminate anyone’s brain with my stupidity, it’s only polite that I forewarn any reader up front that this post will just be a bunch of silly diatribe containing my thoughts and opinions about Santorum’s war on pornography.

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George Carlin was right.

George Carlin (may the Great Electron preserve his atomic structure), was right.

He wasn’t supposed to be right. He was supposed to be a comedic entertainer.

But he was right. While many folks like to illustrate parallels between the modern era and George Orwell’s dystopian future, maybe it was Aldous Huxley whom we should’ve been worrying about all along, considering how true Carlin’s recent observation seems to be panning out: our silence and complacency has been bought with toys and games.

I’m no history professor. But it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in history to know that America’s supposed to be the shining example of freedom, liberty and the rule of law to the rest of the world. We’re supposed to show that world that a constitutional republic can work, and just how awesome it is when freedom reigns sans prejudice; whence all men are created equal, to practice their beliefs — whatever they may be, and pursue their own happiness.

We’re supposed to be the good guys here, held up by pretty lofty standards, is what I’m saying.

Having said that, how then, can it make any logical sense, that we must, then, destroy our freedoms and liberties in order to protect our freedoms and liberties from being destroyed? Once all threats to our way of life have been neutralized, by any means necessary (I’m looking at you, NDAA), what, then will be left to protect?

This isn’t just hyperbole or rhetoric. I really, like, want an answer to this.

Consider the following, and then consider how you would feel if…

  1. A fireman told you that your house must first burn down in order to keep it safe from burning down in the first place
  2. A policeman told you that in order to keep from getting robbed, you simply have to get incrementally robbed first
  3. A banker tells you that in order to save your money, you must first spend it until it is gone
  4. A mechanic tells you that if you don’t want your car to run out of gas, you just have to run out of gas a little bit at a time until you’re out of gas
  5. A steward of your rights tells you that in order to preserve your rights, you must first relinquish them

I don’t care how crude, crass or simplistic these are to the Ivy League trained pedant. The working, voting public does not have the luxury to laze about like ancient Greeks and navel-gaze about the minutiae found in books heavier than lead bricks. So, with the exception to #5, I imagine that these examples would be tolerated by, um, well, exactly zero people. No standing citizen of these Unites States of America would tolerate the systematic and deliberate erosion of the very pillars to what makes America, America.

Unless, of course, Carlin was right.

For the only alternative I can see in my feeble, uneducated, small mind, apart from the Carlin hypothesis, is the deliberate nomination of ineffective candidates to deter a voting public from participating in the democratic process. After all, I have heard it said that if voting mattered, it wouldn’t be allowed. I’m really beginning to wonder.

I fear that our descendants will look back upon our era and regard George Carlin and Mike Judge as prophets, not jokers.

Um, Facebook? That wasn’t cool.

So, I’m noodling around the intarwebs, catching up on my morning news as I wake up with coffee in hand.

I come across a news story and comment on it as a logged in Facebook user. To my horror, next to my name, Facebook went ahead and helpfully told everyone on that page where I work — with a direct link.

Now, since that information is a little more sensitive than just my name and profile pic, I now have to spend the next several hours digging through my profile to find that offending piece of information and edit it. Even though no such link appears on any of the other people’s comments who posted via Facebook.

This is one of the reasons I haven’t been participating in social networking since it became a “thing,” because working in the industry, I know how data is acquired, transferred, and used for nefarious purposes. But THIS, even knowing all this, I still got a “shock”?!? Un-freaking-believable.

Hopefully it’s MY fault, and I simply goofed on the data entry points in Facebook, because otherwise…I…I just don’t know what to say. I pray this is my fault, and not Facebook’s.