Goodbye, Hugh

As I embark on this music journey, I felt it appropriate to christen my trip with a send-off to the man who nudged my boat out of drydock, Hugh Ferguson.

As I look forward to what may come, I will never forget to look back on occasion to remember the man who not only told me it was possible, but instilled within me also the notion of playing for playing’s sake, critics be damned.

This piece, like many things from my heart, is of course flawed; but at least I can say it is sincere. It is a guitar tapping solo played on the high e and b strings. I couldn’t tell you the name of a single note I play or what key it is in, if it’s even in a key.

Listen to “Goodbye, Hugh”

Getting back on that music horse… (music upload)

After being bucked off the music horse when Hugh passed, I’ve been slowly — but surely — working myself back up onto that very same horse. In an attempt to do so, the mentor baton has been passed from Hugh to Jake Hill, another heavy-hitting audio pro from Nashville. He’s picked up teaching me how to produce music like Hugh did. The lessons are going great and figured one way to get back into making music is to share what we’ve been working on. It does no good collecting dust on my hard drive, right?

Click this thing to hear what we’ve been up to:
Sunset Sneakers

I laid down the bass and the guitar tracks, sent it off to Jake and he laid down a drum track with some killer organ. He sent it back to me and showed me how to glue it all together. I can’t think of anything else to do with it, so it’s more or less “ok,” or “done-ish,” for now.


Finished Song “Something From Nothing”

Listen to: “Something From Nothing

Hugh Ferguson: guitar, drums, recording/engineering
Jake Hill: keyboards
Michael Wood: bass

Written by Michael Wood, Hugh Ferguson and Jake Hill

This is just an instrumental that grew out of a goofy bass line I came up with. But it’s what Hugh and Jake did that turned it into magic.

Hook Song “Intinsifies” (rough)

Listen to: “Intensifies

Kelly Wood: vocals, lyrics
Michael Wood: bass, drums, recording

Written by Michael Wood and Kelly Wood

This is an odd one, where there are no guitars, but there are two bass tracks. A typical bass track, and what would be considered a lead track. This song needs a lot of work, of course, but I like this enough to upload in its current rough state. (Kelly hits a flat note in there and it’s fun to watch her cringe when she hears it)

It’s also fun to snicker at my fledgling neophyte recording (read: I dunno what the hell I’m doing). Oh well, the only way you learn is by doing.