Goodbye, Hugh

As I embark on this music journey, I felt it appropriate to christen my trip with a send-off to the man who nudged my boat out of drydock, Hugh Ferguson.

As I look forward to what may come, I will never forget to look back on occasion to remember the man who not only told me it was possible, but instilled within me also the notion of playing for playing’s sake, critics be damned.

This piece, like many things from my heart, is of course flawed; but at least I can say it is sincere. It is a guitar tapping solo played on the high e and b strings. I couldn’t tell you the name of a single note I play or what key it is in, if it’s even in a key.

Listen to “Goodbye, Hugh”

Getting back on that music horse… (music upload)

After being bucked off the music horse when Hugh passed, I’ve been slowly — but surely — working myself back up onto that very same horse. In an attempt to do so, the mentor baton has been passed from Hugh to Jake Hill, another heavy-hitting audio pro from Nashville. He’s picked up teaching me how to produce music like Hugh did. The lessons are going great and figured one way to get back into making music is to share what we’ve been working on. It does no good collecting dust on my hard drive, right?

Click this thing to hear what we’ve been up to:
Sunset Sneakers

I laid down the bass and the guitar tracks, sent it off to Jake and he laid down a drum track with some killer organ. He sent it back to me and showed me how to glue it all together. I can’t think of anything else to do with it, so it’s more or less “ok,” or “done-ish,” for now.


Music upload “A Better Time” original version

As promised, I found the original inception of “A Better Time.” Its finished version is already on my homepage, with all it’s delicious polish and talented contributions of other people, who, “know what they’re doing.”

But, for those who may or may not be interested, here is the original inception of the song that I did a few years ago. You know, by someone who does not know what they’re doing.

Listen to before: “A Better Time (before it was even named that)

Listen to after: “A Better Time (finished product)

I think it’s really amazing just how differently they sound in comparison. They have two completely different feels to them, even though the bass and rhythm guitar are essentially the same notes.

(The before version is just me)

Music Upload “Infinity Summons” (piano)

I am an unskilled piano player. I’m sure my playing is painfully cliché and cringeworthy to the trained pianist, nevertheless, this little jingle’s been rattling around my head now for over 10 years and I want to get it down before it’s too late.

Listen to: “Infinity Summons

Can you guess the message? I hope it’s not too obvious.

I got angry.. (music upload, bass, angry stream of consciousness)

So I’m posting up some of my older music that I recorded. I snapped a link to the old drummer from Echo and the Bunnymen, Pete de Freitas, my favorite drummer ever, who also unfortunately joined the 27 Club. Then I realized, that the one reason I even play (what you could call) music is because of Cliff Burton.

I sat back, and reflected. And I got angry. Basically, my two favorite artists ever are dead. Taken from us before their times. Yet, there’s no shortage of awful, wretched people. No, Cliff and Pete were the ones that had to go. God dammit, I got angrier than I’ve let myself get in a long time.

So I did something I have never, ever, done before. I turned on my recording software and hit the shiny red button, and recorded almost 5 minutes of stream of consciousness playing. I let how I felt come out through my bass. I even pulled out my old Ibanez for this.

If you want to hear what 5 minutes of someone going berserk on their bass with anger sounds like…well, follow the link below. (note, Metallica fans will get a little more out of this than those who are not)

Listen to “Stream Of Consciousness: Anger (bass)

One of these days, I’m going to write a tribute to Cliff Burton on my bass.

Music Upload “Showtime” (instrumental, rough idea)

Here’s one of the first things I recorded after I got my simmons drum kit. I love my drum kit, because although electronic, the snare is analog and sensitive to drum stick strikes (velocity), as are the toms. The high-hat, however, sucks as bad as the snare rules. Oh well. I was trying to emulate my favorite drummer of all time, Pete de Freitas the drummer from Echo & the Bunnymen. He had this magic touch, and I loved the organic sound of his snare hits.

Listen to: “Showtime

The high hat and crash make me cringe, but overall, I like where this one is going. You can see where I was really trying for that organic touch with the drums. This one might actually be fun to collaborate on, and get people who actually, you know, know how to play these instruments.

I’m doing bass, rhythm guitar, analog/electric drums in this one.

Music Upload “Weave” (instrumental rough idea)

This is one of the first recordings I did when I got my software. It’s me just messing around with a rhythm guitar, a lead guitar and a bass line. Somehow, something sorta neat popped out. It’s messy, but the general idea is there. Listening to it now sorta makes me want to return to it to refine it and add that finishing polish.

Listen to: “Weave

This is sorta what my music looks (or sounds) like in progress. It might be interesting to look back on it and see how it’s changed. For example, you wouldn’t believe how differently the first incarnations of “A Better Time” sounded before it was polished to a finished product. If I find it, I’ll upload it so you can compare the two if you’re interested in that sort of thing.