I suppose some of my artwork requires a bit of…erm…explaination.  Most are disturbing and nearly all are unfinished.  This is due to me being a rather odd child, and the unfinished state of my drawings are almost all likely due to time periods in class.  The collection I have here is mostly salvaged from ancient boxes stuffed full of old school stuff.  Each drawing, unless I was extremely compelled to complete it, is what I could draw during a single period class. I would almost always lose interest in a drawing by the time class ended and the next one began.

This is partly why I’m an idiot.  Instead of paying attention and learning stuff, I spent most of my class time doodling.  I stopped drawing in large part because I graduated.  (Don’t ask me how)   So, most of these drawings are from at least grade 6, through middle school, junior high, then finally high school.  Once I was out, the drawing stopped, due to real life kicking in.

Now that I’m in my mid 30’s, and after incessant pestering from my wife, it appears I may actually begin to draw again (Update: I did).  There are a few pictures strewn throughout my artwork uploads that are very recent from this month (such as the one on this page).  Just keep an eye peeled for the captions where I indicate at what time in my life each drawing was done. I can’t promise much, since it’s essentially been decades since I’ve last drawn anything.

It’s kind of fascinating to look back on some of these ancient drawings of mine, and see the progression from the crude, nasty stuff I drew as a child, to the crude nasty stuff I drew as an angsty, marose, surly teenager. Then, from that, to the crude, nasty stuff I seem to be doing now.

Virtually anything I’ve ever done was with what was handy at the time.  Plain old paper, pencils and pens.  I had a friend hook me up with these things called Prismacolors, which I remembered enjoying as a kid.  The wife snagged some for me, so we’ll see if I’ll ever actually bust them out again. (Update: I did.)

At any rate, I hope you enjoy at least something I’ve uploaded.  I wouldn’t necessarily call any of it “art,” but it is something I’ve created — which is the whole point of this blog.  Each image can be clicked to embiggen them. If you are interesting in seeing my artwork, I invite you to do so.

Oh, and I should prolly mention a few of my influences:

  • Boris Vallejo. This man has more talent than any one human being should rightly have.
  • M. C. Escher. The man is just insane.
  • Mort Drucker. This guy can draw anyone with a just a few simple strokes. Genius.
  • George Woodbridge. Master of detail, fabrics, faces and objects.

4 responses to “Art

  1. I have read your about page and now your art, I will definitely follow! I am impressed and thank you for liking my post. I have to say, it is art and you are an artist, if you created it, its from you and your own then it’s art! I stopped painting for five years because life got in the way, but I have found that even in that time without painting I have gotten better. I think its because I am older, more mature then five years ago, and I continued to sketch and tattoo. I can tell art is part of who you are, even if you didn’t do one thing for so long, its there embedded in your sole. I love your page, and I have always loved the strange and dark, congrats on starting this blog. It was a big step for me as well, I never though I would blog, or use twitter, but here we are. I hope to see you around.

    Maria Wood

    • Thank you for your very kind words.

      Even though I haven’t upgraded to using Twitter just yet, I realized in the short time I’ve been puttering around with this blog, that regardless of how ruthlessly jaded the Internet can be, it is becoming apparent that it is far more important to risk looking foolish while trying to do something – anything – than it is to turtle up.

      I think the bigger risk is taken in not doing anything at all..

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