The Long-Winded Introduction
I guess this is where I talk about myself. I suppose that’s one of the reasons I’ve shied away from contributing for the most part to any type of social networking: I don’t like talking about myself. So, how do I briefly summarize who I am and what my blog is about in as few words as possible without actually talking about myself?

Tricky business indeed.

Why on earth would anyone find any value in what I have to say or contribute to the global collective? Well, it’s exactly that line of thought that’s kept me virtually offline since social networking became a “thing.” Then something occurred to me: I worry about coming off as presumptuous, yet, for the past fifteen years or so, I’ve been passing judgement on others presuming what other people may or may not like or find valuable. That’s not for me to decide.

Sure, everyone out there has an opinion. Sure, everyone out there is a better artist than I am. But I realized that’s not the point and it was a chance encounter with a Kurt Vonnegut quote at a serendipitous time that nudged me over the edge into setting up my own blog after all these years.

The point isn’t to be better, or smarter, or more talented than everyone else. The point is to take part in expressing your interpretation of the human condition.

So, what’s the point, then?
The point of this blog is to share, then, my interpretation of the human condition via the prism of my experiences. Social commentary, opinions, philosophy, artwork and music will be the major outlets I foresee comprising most of my blog’s material.

Although I claim no originality in any these facets or mediums of interpretation, my aim will be to share in those things that I can claim were originally my own upon inception. You simply can’t have billions of primates banging away on keyboards, instruments and pencils and claim yourself as the authoritative “first.”

I do hope you find some value in what you find here in my blog. Although I’d be flattered if you borrowed some of my original work, please don’t steal it outright without as much as attributing it me.

Enjoy your visit!

~ Michael Wood

[All content within this blog is copyright © 2012]

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