Where My Interest In Health Comes From

I’ve been thinking lately that I must come off as a pretty odd duck. I draw goofy pictures, play awful music and write terrible poetry…so what’s the deal with peppering my artsy-fartsy blog with the occasional health-related rambling? Seems pretty inconsistent if you ask me, but there is good reason for it, which I will share in this post for the whole zero of you interested. Kinda in the mood to write right now anyway, so it’s a good excuse to write about something.

This will be a long one, and I REALLY get to rambling in this one, so I’m putting in a link for those who might be interested in reading more…

I am interested in health related topics for two reasons: The first is because I am what you would call, a “conscientious smoker”, which simply means I know it’s bad for me, so I try to do things that mitigate as much of that damage as possible. The second reason is two-fold: my late mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the salivary glands when she was only 15 years old – and my dad was able to leverage his keen mind and intuition to help keep her alive as long as possible.

The specific type of cancer my mom had was swift and terminal – this type of cancer was merciless and left no documented survivors. Knowing this, and shortly after her diagnosis, two of her doctors attempted a radical and unorthodox procedure. They injected her with some kind of chemical that effectively “mummified,” or encapsulated the cancer, which to everyone’s surprise, actually worked to a degree. She was not in remission, but they had somehow put the cancer in a sort of chemically induced “stasis field.”

She finally succumbed to pneumonia after a near-fatal aneurysm at 55 (when she wasn’t even supposed to have seen 20). I believe that my dad’s influence played a part in her seeing 55. I solidly believe that his “meddling” gave her at the very least 2 extra years, and possibly even up to 5 extra years that she would have otherwise not had.

This is because my dad WAS that rocket scientist everyone cracks jokes about. He graduated college with two majors in math and physics and a minor in chemistry (with a few others) and flew rockets for a living — because he thought the math was “fun.” He was as wise as he was intelligent, having grown up on a farm and being in tune with nature’s cycles, which all came together to give him a nearly frightingly supernatural insight into how things worked.

Before there was an Internet, my dad would painstakingly research all the medications she’d been given, analyze the chemistry, and carefully construct a tailor-made, holistic diet specifically to mitigate as much of the damage as possible that her specific pills were doing to her various organs; like her thyroid, kidneys, liver, etc…and I firmly believe that he literally extended her lifespan by doing so, because a lot of those drugs were clearly killing her. I cannot quantify, but I’m pretty sure it would be somewhere greater than two years, but less than five. Somewhere in there.

I learned a lot from him and that’s where some of my health things come from, but I know there is merit to it because I essentially tackled my cholesterol with a holistic approach that yielded scientific evidence from a blood lab: I knocked off 50 points from my cholesterol with just a little bit of research, and using his holistic approach of diet. I had checked out a college level chemistry book from the library a while back so I could understand what he understood, and although I can grok the high-level concepts, my math skills were too weak (chemistry, as with all hard sciences, are all mostly measurement and conversions). So, I’m trying to absorb mathematics before I get back into chemistry.

Everything comes from chemistry. Understanding the fundamental principles of how reality glues itself together and tears itself apart is essential for understanding very complicated things like metabolism, drugs, and what those artificial food chemicals really do to our bodies.

Although I don’t have my dad’s keen intellect, I have enough of his wisdom to know that the keys to health lie in nature, and evolutionary biology. He also knew never to underestimate a human being’s willingness to ditch ethics over a paycheck, which could be partly due to my tin-foil-hat-paranoia nature. When a guy with an immeasurable I.Q. is grumbling around about how we’re all being poisoned and kept sick for profit margins with the research and science to back it up, one tends to listen. It horrifies me how many people will actually argue against what I call the “Greed Index Axiom,” but I’ve come to learn that those who underestimate the power of greed clearly need to crack the history books a little more.

So, I guess it’s because of him, I’m more or less a naturalist. If human beings evolved alongside with something for millions of years, then it’s far more trustworthy than something manufactured from a lab with a financial agenda that was just released to market last year. In other words, our understanding of chemistry spans a coupla hunnerd years. Nature, on the other hand, has had eons to master that shit. The hubris and pretentiousness drive me absolutely nuts that we’re encouraged to take something engineered in a lab over something nature’s been providing for millions of years. People have to get sick and die first before authorities will move on anything because moving on anything is always expensive, and the authorities would naturally rather have that money in their pockets first. It’s utterly psychotic.

Opium is my favorite to pick on. Opium from poppy grows out of the ground. Human beings and poppy have been growing and evolving alongside each other for millions of years. It’s a natural plant. That grows out of the ground. Freely. No one seems to find it the least bit absurd in the slightest that you now MUST PAY for something engineered in a lab that once grew freely from out of the ground. If you were allowed to plant and grow poppy seeds in your back yard so you could self-medicate when you were in pain, you wouldn’t need to pay a company for their product. And companies don’t like it when you’re not buying their stuff – especially when it cost them hundreds of millions of dollars to deliver that product to market. They expect an R.O.I., and if you’re freely picking things out of the ground that does what their chemical does — for free — well, now, that simply won’t do. It’s unfathomably psychotic to me that we’re conditioned to believe that relying on nature for our needs is somehow the EVIL thing to do (you filthy hippie!), and that it’s only the sane, smart, upstanding people that rely on shit that’s engineered in a lab — where it then becomes a million times more addictive because they’ve monkeyed with the naturally occurring potency which trashes your liver and kidneys with naturally foreign chemicals to those organs. (Incidentally, marijuana is not addictive, but it’s still, somehow, one of the most evilest things, like, since ever. Stuff THAT in your pipe and smoke it…whoops, that was a pun, wasn’t it?)

Apparently, our money is very, very important to those who wish to take it from us.

Human beings have been consuming marijuana and natural opiates for THOUSANDS of years, yet, somehow, we’ve all managed to live through it all, but now, all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, nature has no clue about what she’s doing and man is now, somehow, suddenly supreme ruler? Too bad she has to throw not-too-gentle reminders in the form of natural disasters at us to knock us down a few pegs to remind us who’s really in charge here.

Anyway, I’m kinda getting off-topic, but it is kinda fun to rant about this sort of stuff. The chemicals added to food are there for profit, not your health. Preservatives are there to increase shelf life, not aide your digestion. High fructose corn syrup is not used because it’s good for you. It’s used because it’s cheaper than using real sugar and they can put it in a ton more “sugary” foodstuffs, because it reduces cost, therefore, increasing the volume of products produced for more profits. For example, you can make many more gallons of Ocean Spray’s sugar water they call juice with HFCS than you can using real fruit sugar. That’s why their “juice” is see-through. There ain’t nothin’ in it. This is why Naked juice is 5 bucks for a tiny little bottle, (which is opaque) but a coupla gallons of “Apple Juice” can be sold for a buck-fifty. Naked juice is actually using *gasp* fruit juice. That’s why it’s so expensive — they aren’t removing anything from it. What’s worse, is companies like Ocean Spray will introduce chemicals back into the product so it “sort-of” tastes like the thing it’s originally supposed to be in the first place. TREMENDOUS PROFIT MARGINS. That’s the trick fast food restaurants use…they spend pennies on the syrup and water, mix it, then turn around and charge you $3.00 for a large soda.

But you get the point…I could go on and on forever rambling about all kinds of stuff like this, but suffice it to say, if it comes out of a lab, don’t put it in your body. Fortunately, more and more people are waking up to this, (like the “pink slime” movement) but I fear that it’s a little too late. We’re wising up, for sure, but Monsanto’s grip on the world’s food supply chain has all but cemented. I don’t know what we’re going to do about that.

Anyway, end of my rambling, thank you for your time in reading this if you’ve made it this far. If people want to hear more about this kinda crap, I’ll gladly write about it more.

5 responses to “Where My Interest In Health Comes From

  1. Please write about it more, I have known and loved far too many people who fell into the medical system and refused to see it for what it was.

  2. The drug companies are selling us stuff that is not tested long term all the time. There is no profit in testing a drug for 30 or 40 years, and that is what long term means. They don’t give a crap about us other than as money to be earned.
    Good post, smoking naturalist, nice to learn more about you. I am now at the age where I am trying to eat better and exercise, but I still smoke, for now.

    • I ain’t gonna harp on ya to quit that’s for sure, but if you can you really should. E-cigs could be just the ticket there. (and for God’s sakes get your heart checked out… 😦 )

      And yes, it drives me nuts that people somehow forget what makes the world go ’round when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Drives me up the frickin’ wall that THESE businesses are “different” somehow..

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