Um, Facebook? That wasn’t cool.

So, I’m noodling around the intarwebs, catching up on my morning news as I wake up with coffee in hand.

I come across a news story and comment on it as a logged in Facebook user. To my horror, next to my name, Facebook went ahead and helpfully told everyone on that page where I work — with a direct link.

Now, since that information is a little more sensitive than just my name and profile pic, I now have to spend the next several hours digging through my profile to find that offending piece of information and edit it. Even though no such link appears on any of the other people’s comments who posted via Facebook.

This is one of the reasons I haven’t been participating in social networking since it became a “thing,” because working in the industry, I know how data is acquired, transferred, and used for nefarious purposes. But THIS, even knowing all this, I still got a “shock”?!? Un-freaking-believable.

Hopefully it’s MY fault, and I simply goofed on the data entry points in Facebook, because otherwise…I…I just don’t know what to say. I pray this is my fault, and not Facebook’s.

4 responses to “Um, Facebook? That wasn’t cool.

  1. I have read horror stories about facebook’s privacy, but to have this kind of information ENABLED TO BE DISSEMINATED WITHOUT RESTRICTION *BY DEFAULT* is incorrigible.

    No wonder paranoia is so high, cripes.

  2. They are always changing little things too. Things that most people probably don’t notice. Errr…

    One thing I laugh at and I’d be furious if it happened to me, is when a friend on facebook is on a porn type of site and somehow that site publishes a link of a video or whatever to their facebook wall, LOL!!! Then, the person don’t realize it immediately until people start commenting.

    • I can’t WAIT for that to happen to me HAR! (if it hasn’t already).

      The aggravating thing is, I’m a developer, so I know how these things work and read about the horrors almost every day and I STILL got “surprised.”

      Whoever said knowledge was power?

  3. I feel like Facebook the way I feel about Shopko, the latter which, everytime I enter I say, “I hate this store. I hate this store. I hate this store.”

    Well, maybe I’m not so vehement about FB — I like it for our art gallery as a quick means of disseminating information, but my personal page? I don’t have time to read jokes, re-post things, and just generally FB.

    Thank you for your recent visit to Focus on the Artist.

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